Who the heck is Kendra Dawn?

You now, I often wonder the same thing.

Right now, I’m 51 years old, I’m a mom to two adult children, grandma to two gorgeous little girls, auntie to more kiddos than I can count, sister, daughter, etc.

I’m an artist! A creator! Nature is my muse, photography is my favorite medium. I’m a graphic designer, a painter, a writer, and an organizer.

I’m also a barefooter, kayaker, hiker, yogi, hippie, cat mom and pitty mom.

Brave, Barefoot & Badass

Oh, I’m also a badass. I had a hard time writing that about myself the first dozen times, but it’s what I am! I’ve proven it over and over. Every time I’m afraid and do it anyway. Every time I think I’m going to fail but I try and succeed. Every time I encounter a crisis that I think will crush me, but it doesn’t.

And I’m here to tell you that you are a badass too! Come along with me on my journey and see for yourself.


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hearts encouraged