Stand Out

Stand Out

It seems there is this constant battle within many of us between the desire to fit in with the crowd and the need to establish our individuality.

We (especially us women) constantly compare ourselves to others, checking if our clothing fits the latest fashion trends, if we’re having a good hair day like the woman next to us, or if it’s an out-of-control mess. We compare our jobs, our titles, our talents, even our relationships. Yet at the same time, we don’t want to be a wallflower, we want to be remembered for something great. We want people to remember our name the second time we meet them, we want to be recognized for our accomplishments and our reached goals.

Driving along a dirt road through a state park one day, this tree captured my attention. It is so unique, so tall and strong in appearance; so unlike the many trees that surround it. It stood out. And it reminded me of the battle within so many of us. While it may be similar to the other trees in that it has bark, and branches, and a trunk, it also stands out as unique and beautiful because of the lines and curves that make up its structure, because of the very thing it is lacking: leaves.

Embrace your unique makeup. The very thing you think you are lacking just may be the thing that shows off your beauty and strength.

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